Posted by Delmar Dolfins Swim Club on Oct 25 2018 at 05:59AM PDT

FOR SWIMMERS tab on our website contains lots of useful information for parents and swimmers… Check it out!

PRACTICE INFO: provides general description about Dolfins practice and attendance;

TEAM RECORDS: provides listings of Dolfins team records ,boys and girls, for both Short and Long Course seasons;

SWIM LINKS: provides listing of useful links for swimmers and parents. Most notably; a link to the Adirondack Local Swim Committee ( AD LSC) meet calendar, provides listing of all upcoming meets for the season; and

MEET INFO: h2. gives, both swimmers and parents a short summary of what to expect at the swim meet as well as provides useful; tips as to how to dress, what to pack/bring to the swim meet.

Check it out!


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