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Dolfins Senior Swimmers -Class of 2020

Posted by Anesa Brkanovic at Mar 29, 2020 7:20PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Dolfins are proud of our SENIOR swimmers!!!

In words of Coach Doug:

Savannah came to Dolfins from Starfish and has flourished ever since. Beset by quite a few injuries over the years, her dedication and hard work when we knew she was in pain was inspiring. A soon to be Holy Names graduate, she was lucky enough to still be around when a varsity team was created and she was an important member and contributor. This year was really frustrating as she had a nice varsity season and a number of encouraging performances at USA-S meets when an unusual wrist injury sidelined her season for quite a few weeks. She tried to bounce back and always gave 100% but she was out a little too long to achieve her goals. Savannah will be attending Niagara University and will attempt to make the team as a walk on. Whatever her future is we’re so pleased she became a loyal Dolfin!

Ceaebrating Dolfins Seniors - Class of 2020

Posted by Anesa Brkanovic at Mar 29, 2020 11:01AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Dolfins are proud of our SENIOR swimmers!!!

By Coach Doug:

Maggie has been a Dolfin her whole swimming career, which began as a 10&under. Through the years, she has achieved almost all her swimming goals placing in finals at Golds, making the Eastern Zone team, going to the High School State Championships as a member of the Bethlehem girls varsity, and competing at Speedos. She was on the verge of having a breakout season this year when, alas, Golds and Speedos were canceled due to the corona virus. Although she has been accepted by a number of colleges so far, she has not decided on where she will go, however Middlebury looks like a top choice. Maggie’s hard work and loyalty to the Dolfins has made her a favorite among her team mates and coaches. Her consistent commitment has made her a staple at every practice and her quick but sometimes odd (;) wit will be missed by her peers and coaches!


Dolfins are proud of our SENIOR swimmers!!!

In words of Coach Doug:
Juneau’s first attempt at making the Dolfins didn’t quite work out and he returned to lessons to refine his skills coming back the following year and earning a spot on the team! Through the years he has competed and placed in finals at Zones and made finals at Golds every year. His interests have expanded over the years with swimming often taking a back seat to other activities including interning in Australia and Viet Nam and writing and publishing a couple of books (!), however he has remained a true blue Dolfin always returning each season. Juneau has also been a member of the Bethlehem boys varsity and was chosen one of the team’s captains this season. He hasn’t announced where he will be attending university yet but we’re sure he’ll be successful where ever he goes!


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USA swimming has banned meets and Time Trials for the next 30 days. Delmar Dolfins are CANCELLING practices for the remainder of the season effective IMMEDIATELY.
More detail about the USA Swimming decision can be found by clicking on the link below.

Region 1 Invitational

Posted by Diana Dziekan-Skuza at Feb 17, 2020 5:36PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The following swimmers represented our team at 2020 Region 1 Invitational:
Beni Brkanovic
Cecilia Cao
Katie Ferreira
Madie Ferreira
Hannah Fronheiser
Ella Kaback
Maggie Reynolds
Ethan Rosenblum
Olivia Skuza
Stella Tricket
Great job Dolfins!!